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Barrelhouse Bonni:

..(On reading the cheerful Feb.-March 2014, AARP magazine article which says  baby boomers have the answer to inadequate retirement savings: Work Longer.”)


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Bonni's Austin Weekly News blues blog

Posted on September 30, 2013

Bonni's blog for Austin Weekly News, which started in the fall of 2013, highlights Chicago's spectacular West Side blues history, and musicians who carry it on. Austin is the westernmost West Side neighborhood, and the Austin Weekly News-Oak Park Journal, through writing and advertising, is trying to bridge the gap.

Why can't Chicago value its People's History?

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Howard Reich, after researching the Chicago blues scene, writes: How long can a black musical art form remain dynamic when presented to a largely white audience in settings designed to replicate and merchandise the real thing?

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Uncover the racism in the blues business. Can we envision a better way?

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