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Bonni McKeown

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Chicago School of Blues

Teaming with teachers and heritage West and South Side professional blues musicians, Bonni aims to help the community reconnect generations and restore heritage, respect and civility.

Peaceful Patriot Press

Headquarters of Bonni's own press, which published Peaceful Patriot: The Story of Tom Bennett as well as Stepson of the Blues.

Fractured Atlas

Bonni is profiled for her co-authored autobiography of Larry Taylor, Stepson of the Blues, by the New York based artist support group Fractured Atlas.  Donors can help her with publication and touring costs tax free!

Piano Player World
Teach Yourself Piano Lessons | Learn Piano Instruction.
 Piano Player World offers free piano lessons and tips for people who want to learn to play this beautiful instrument.
Joplin's Java & Family Piano
These folks are really serious about playing, tuning and selling the real thing--acoustic pianos! That's what I'm talking about...
MySpace Barrelhouse Bonni
Stewards of the Potomac Highlands
STEWARDS OF THE POTOMAC HIGHLANDS is a nonprofit citizens group aiming to preserve open spaces, forests, farmland, rural communities and towns and foster stewardship of the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.
Natl Assn of Railroad Passengers
Travelin' on ! Help America improve its passenger trains and transit system
Friends of the Earth

We need more trains and buses, not new roads, to put people to work creating a healthier planet.

Shenandoah Connection
Linking music and small business in the Shenandoah Valley.

These Musewrite ladies--Jen Cullerton, Michelle Duster, and Trina Sotira-- gave workshops on writing and publishing that kept me on track getting Stepson of the Blues out.