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Barrelhouse Bonni: Photos

ILYM Bonni Plummer lecture 2018
Barrelhouse Bonni Logo by Hampshire County WV artist Janet Harlow
Kusanya Cafe, Englewood : Sing your own Blues Tune workshop 2018
Linda Heimstra's famous glamor shot of Bonni in Sperryville, VA, after which the purple ring got stuck on her finger, 2003
Bonni with Melissa Dunn's painting in Memphis
Bonni's 2003 CD "Barbershop Blues" at Archie Edwards barbershop in DC. From left: Wayne Kahn recording engineer,, N.J. Warren guitar and guest vocal, Mike Baytop guitar and bones and guest vocal, Bonni,Jay Summerour harmonica
Barrelhouse Bonni's Motto

Bonni in Appalachia

Labor Day Funeral Parade, Charleston WV
Bonni plays for Huntington WV Blues Society at VClub  2018
Hampshire County WV Arts concert July 2003 with Jay Summerour, harmonica and Mike Baytop,bones
Bonni donates copies of Peaceful Patriot book to Tom Burger for WV United Methodist Chuch 2006
Charleston's Vandalia Lounge 2006 with Dugan Carter, sax, and oldtime guest singer Tom Rodd
Charleston American Legion Post 57 with Larry Taylor, Osee Anderson,Willie Davis 2006
Cheering on Charleston ticket agent Bruce Combs, boarding Amtrak Cardinal 2006
Bonni talks blues at the UUs, Charleston 2007
Blues at Charleston WV UU service: Ko (from Japan),Bonni and Larry Taylor (from Chicago)
Charleston library concert 2007 with Marshall Petty, Larry Taylor
Bob Redd, Bonni play 2007 Appalachian Festival, Frostburg MD
Arlington Court ladies at Charleston WV Labor Day funeral parade 2008: Bonni, Sandy Fisher, Laura Lou Harbert
Playing oldtime bass on keyboard at SAYMA Quaker Gathering, Asheville NC 2008
GoodNight IRene with fiddler Joel at SAYMA Quaker gathering; photo Steve Livingston
Chicago School of Blues Band with CC Copeland bass; Charleston WV historians Anthony Kinzer and Rabbit Jones; Bonni, Larry Taylor guest vocals; West Side Wes drums; Killer Ray Allison, guitar, band leader
Stepson of the Blues book signing, Taylor Books, Charleston WV Oct. 2010: Bonni, photographers Julius Jackson and Susan McAndrews; Dollie; Barb Frierson, Sandy Fisher, Mike Harman
WV Senior Conference at Cedar Lakes, 2012 with trumpeter Bob Redd and the Ladies in Red from St Albans
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