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For Barrelhouse Bonni McKeown--piano player, writer, blues educator, activist, film producer, journalist --blues music is a bridge between ethnic groups and generations. She has found local arts, history and business are keys to bringing people together in our challenging times. She's available to play the blues for you, lead singalongs, help you learn to make up your own blues tune, and share the history.



Read Bonni's blues and Chicago West Side community writings in the Austin Weekly News

Bonni's writing contributed to the music history webpage with Maxwell Street Foundation

Bonni's book Peaceful Patriot: The Story of Tom Bennett" featured in West Virginia Encyclopedia

CLICK on  BLOG page, left for excerpts from Bonni's upcoming novel "Chicago Blues Plantation"

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Bonni's Corona Quarantine Song (not quite G rated):  Let'sExercise! 

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Blues Heritage with Larry Taylor

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Bonni has publicized and played keys with Chicago heritage blues singer and drummer LARRY TAYLOR. Larry is one of 13 artists of varioius disciplines around Chicago to receive the city's Esteem Artist Award in 2020.

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Bonni plays her pure heart...honestly.” - Gaye Adegbalola, blues singer songwriter