For Barrelhouse Bonni--piano player, writer, blues educator, activist, film producer, journalist --blues music is a bridge between ethnic groups and generations. She has found local arts, history and business are keys to bringing people together in our challenging times. She's available to play the blues for you, help you learn, and share the history


NEW 2020:  Bonni's New Corona Quarantine Song:  Let'sExercise!


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Bonni has publicized and played keys with Chicago heritage blues singer and drummer LARRY TAYLOR.  Larry's Facebook is HERE     See video of Larry with Bonni playing at the Water Hole HERE:


DONATE TAX FREE to Bonni's blues project for inner-city community building, education, recordings of Chicago bluesman Larry Taylor's music,  and her film The Rhythm and the Blues via Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit 501c3 arts group providing fiscal sponsorships to support the works of  individual artists .  If you don't need tax deductibility,  you can direct-donate via Paypal at  bonni (at) 


--Read BONNI's West Side Blues BLOG at Austin Weekly News, where she also writes freelance stories. Austin is the farthest west neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago.


“Bonni plays and sings her pure heart, honestly.” --Gaye Adegbalola, singer & songwriter Saffire, the Uppity Blueswomen.

Bonni's motto is: