Chicago School of Blues WV Tour March 2010

Bonni brought the Chicago School of Blues to Sweet Home WVa the first weekend of March 2010. For this trip, West Virginia horn standouts Bob Redd, trumpet, and Dugan Carter, sax, joined CSB's Killer Ray Allison, CC Copeland, West Side Wes and Bonni. Larry Taylor came as a guest singer for their concert at West Virginia State College. Dugan's jazz band Full Flavor opened the concert, arranged by Lady D (Doris Fields) and the Charleston Blues Society to honor local African American musicians. Lady D herself sat in, singing "Stormy Monday" and "Rock Me." The band also gave a workshop for an afterschool program sponsored by WV State at Emmanuel Baptist Church on the West Side of Charleston. On Friday March 5, CSB joined Anthony Kinzer and Rabbit Jones for a local music history program March 5 at Simpson United Methodist Church, sponsored by the WV Center for African American Art & Culture, with support from Charleston Blues Society and WV Commission on the Arts. On Saturday March 6 the Chicago School of Blues band wrapped up the weekend with a rousing show at Sam's Uptown Cafe, where manager Chris Bukant joined the crowd boogeying on the floor til 2 a.m. Larry, Ray, Wes and CC were delighted with the active, diverse crowd which included State Del. Meesha Poore, who sang a few songs with Ray. Mechanical Renegade spun some records for some solid dancing during break. Special thanks to photographers Susan McAndrews and Julius Jackson, and to Rose, Mel, and the UUs for their steady welcoming and support through the years of his visits to Charleston.

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